All About me

Hi, I am Jennifer and I am a mum of three. I joined Jamberry on the day it launched in the UK. I have 4 years experience of running my own business and 5+ years of retail experience prior to joining. I love getting my nails done and I found it difficult to get my nails done after my third child. I came across Jamberry when my upline contacted me regarding a review as I write mummy reviews and I blog. I fell in love with them and did my research, they hadn't even launched in the UK. I waited a few weeks for the day to arrive and I am so happy that I can have lovely nails for a better price and less time.
If you're looking for an opportunity to start then Jamberry is certainly a company to join if you love nail art. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I have a fantastic team building in the UK and look forward to any new prospective consultants.



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